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Free Fire OB29 Update: Here’s What You Need To Know

Free Fire OB29 Update

Free fire servers will be taken down during the update. It is being shared that from 9:00 AM to 04:30 PM on 4th August, the servers will be taken down for new patch updates. During this period, the Free fire players will not be able to access the game login and will not be able to play it either.

The servers will be taken down by the official purposely as it will make the process of an update really smooth. So, some of the players must be looking for the reason why their Free fire is not opening today. You will be able to access your game after 5 PM on 4th August 2021 with updated features.

Section 1: Why is Free Fire server down?

Free fire players are not able to access the game login due to the updates that will be provided in the 4th August update.

Section 2: What is the new update for Free Fire?

The new update for Free Fire will be a brand new patch that will be replacing the previous one. It will bring some new features to the game, including the DLC characters.

Section 3: What is new for Free Fire players?

There are some new features that the new update for Free fire brings with it. New updates will include adding four new heroes to the game which will include series characters Urie and Eyefrey, Ram, and Ryan. Another feature will be introducing 8 new guns to the game along with several modifications to the current guns.

What are the new updates?

In the latest update, the game will include:

Configure server options to what you want (BYOB).

Google chrome in-game background

Higher performance, greater contrast, better screen readability, etc.

Name and more details to server channels and server host.

Smart notifications

The number of members on the Server is counted down

Show server availability on Town.

In the manual, you will have access to server options. You can now add your friends and invite friends. Also, if you are on vacation, you can now pick up any controller on the server. When using buttons, if there is an update available, the updates will be displayed on the screen.

Other than that, the update will also include Uplay features. The base game will not be able to run without it.

Free Fire OB29 Update date

What changes has been made on the game?

It is being revealed that the update is being called a new patch update which means we will see a major change in the game. This is the reason why the game is going down for a while. The update will bring the new user interface that is new avatar shape and skin tones, the upcoming supply drop also. The update is also going to bring a new interface for mobile users, the Steam overlay is also expected to come with the update.

With this update, a new mini-game will be introduced. The Mini-Game is a local area network or LAN game in which you can challenge players of similar gaming experiences. The complete list of the changes can be seen on the Free Fire website.

When will the game be opened?

It is not specified by the developer as to when you can play the game but he has said that it will take more than 15 days of servers downtime. He is going to make the servers available for the public and for the DnD survivors. This means that Free fire is set to be released by mid-August.

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What are the new features?

The changes are going to be made as the new patch will be ported into the beta version of the game. For the new features, it is believed that players can benefit from social powers. It is not very clear if the release is going to be in two stages or the beta and the live version of the game will be launched together.


From 8:00 PM to 14:30 PM on 4th August, the servers will be taken down once again. This will give enough time for the servers to be updated with the new patch. All the players will be able to log in during this period. The update is expected to bring in new features and features and fix the present situation of the game.

The update of Free Fire has already started. As per the information, Free fire players will be able to choose any weapon from the three in the game. What else can we expect? Players will also be able to control a few of the enemies. New weapons, new characters, new places, new missions, and much more are coming in the update.

With the launch of the update, Free fire will be the second biggest game of the moment after PUBG.



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